Circles vs. Rows

There is a story about the northern Natal tribes in South Africa. They greet one another each day, saying Sawa Bona, which means “I see you.” Their response is Sikhona, which means “I am here. Through this exchange, they are telling one another “until you see me I do not exist; and when you see … Continue reading Circles vs. Rows

Belief + Faith = Freedom

Take a moment and consider the word "freedom." Envision the places/things/people that you associate with that word. You may have envisioned birds, our flag, maybe your first car, the beach, etc. etc. No matter what images you saw, the important thing is that they make you feel FREE. I tend to be a pretty analytical … Continue reading Belief + Faith = Freedom

Speaking on Romans 8:28

All speakers have their own way of prepping for a speaking engagement. Some prefer minimal prep so they can be as natural as possible. Others jot down notes on various things like napkins, note cards, or whatever else might be lying around. Me? I'm in a whole different group who likes to write out every … Continue reading Speaking on Romans 8:28